What do you need to know about the end of DACA?

What happens to my DACA pending with USCIS?

USCIS will continue to process all initial and renewal applications for DACA currently pending.

Can I file for DACA now?

No, USCIS will not accept any new DACA applications beginning September 5, 2017.

Can I renew my DACA?

If your DACA has already expired you will not be able to file for renewal. If your DACA status expires between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018, USCIS will continue to accept and process renewal applications.

When will USCIS stop accepting renewal applications?

USCIS will reject ALL DACA applications after October 5, 2017

What will happen to my work permit?

Your work permit is valid and you are legally able to work until it expires. You have the right to accept or change employment until the work permit expires.

What will happen to my Social Security number?

Your social security number is valid for life, even after your work permit and DACA expires. If you have not applied for a social security number, please do so while your work permit is still valid.

What will happen to my driver’s license?

Your driver’s license is valid until its expiration date.

Can I apply for Advance Parole to travel now?

No, USCIS will reject all new applications for advance parole. If you have an advance parole application pending, USCIS will not continue to process it but will return to you the filing fee. If you are currently traveling on a DACA advance parole, you will be able to return before the advance parole expires.

Can I apply for other immigration benefits? Yes, you can apply for any other immigration benefit for which you are eligible.


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